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Practical exercises with the analysis of complex cases

Practical exercises with the analysis of complex cases

11 July 2019

Within the framework of academic mobility, Professor of the No. 2 Department of Internal Diseases Koygeldinova Sholpan Sekerbayevna was in the “Medical university of Astana” NCJSC, in the internship Department of Internal Diseases. She lectured and conducted practical classes with residents-pulmonologists of the "Pulmonology, including paediatric" specialty. During the training, modern methods of functional diagnostics in pulmonology and the results of scientific studies of pneumoconiosis and dust bronchitis were presented.

Lectures were devoted not only to the issues of functional diagnostics in pulmonology, but also to radiology more specifically lung radiography, computed tomography.

Functional tests during computer spirography, studies of pulmonary diffusion capacity, body plethysmography, as well as therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities of fibrobronchoscopy were highlighted.

Practical classes were used to analyze diagnostic criteria for impaired ventilation of the lungs and pulmonary volumes, followed by interpretation of spirograms. A differentiated approach to the identification of restrictive and obstructive disorders was used, the indications for conducting a bronchodilation sample and blood gases of their interpretation were considered.

Practical exercises were conducted with the analysis of complex clinical cases with the use of active teaching methods - CBL, PBL. Test control of current and final knowledge, as well as daily analysis of the work of residents were carried out.

Head of the Department of Internal Diseases internship "Medical university of Astana" NCJSC, MD, Professor B.A. Ainabekova noted the great practical significance of the lecture and the possibility in the future of joint research activities of the faculty, with the active involvement of students in research work.



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