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Specialty on the junction of two sciences

Specialty on the junction of two sciences

11 July 2019

We are proud to announce that this year an educational program for undergraduate program in Biomedicine was included in the National registry. Upon completion, Bachelor students of Biomedicine will have an opportunity to work in scientific and research facilities, scientific production facilities, biological, microbiological and medical production facilities as well as in biomedical laboratories and medical institutions.

Educational component in Medical University of Karaganda will include fundamental biological sciences as well as medical research results and information. For the key competencies alumni will have, biological sciences courses as “Genomics and proteomics”, “Epigenetics”, “Bioethical basis for scientific research”, “Ecogenetics and pharmacogenetics”, “Embryology and prenatal diagnostic” and “Highly dangerous infections” were included in study plan.

In this manner, alumni of Biomedicine undergraduate program will learn human body in theoretical aspect and its structure and functions in a physiological and pathological conditions. In addition, students will have profound understanding of disease occurrence on the molecular level and create basis for further application in new technologies of diagnosis and treatment.



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