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Shooting practice

Shooting practice

29 July 2019

On July 25 of this year, in the framework of the Training Campaign, training exercises were conducted at the Training Village with the students of the military department in the Spassk.

Conducting educational shooting was preceded by the painstaking work of teachers of the military department to prepare students for shooting. For this purpose, classes on the study of the material part of small arms were organized and conducted. The students repeated and consolidated their knowledge according to information from the internal and external ballistics, familiarized themselves with and passed the safety measures for the handling of weapons and ammunition during the firing practice, worked out the elements in the order of manufacture and production of the Makarov pistol and pistol.

The curators of the training platoons conducted conversations with personnel about the careful attitude to military and national property, about the order and rules of the safety of weapons and ammunition, as well as about criminal liability for theft and illegal storage of weapons and ammunition.

The students were positively disposed, but nevertheless their excitement was felt, since these were the first times in their life of firing from military weapons.

I would like to note the coordinated work of the officers-teachers responsible for shooting, Colonel Reserve Zhienbaeva B.A. and Lieutenant Colonel of the Medical Service of the Reserve Politova A.Yu., as well as the skillful actions of the sergeant of the company Nurpeisov Daniyar, a student of the Medical University of Karaganda.



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