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Experience exchange

Experience exchange

07 October 2019

«Round table» with international participation «Practice-oriented training in residency» has been held in KMU, on September 24.

This event has been attended by vice rectors, university faculty, guests from the Vilnius University - Ekaterina Bortkevich and professor Yuoazas Raystyanskis.

Vice rector for clinical work of KMU – B.N Kosherova has told in details about residence training in the university.

This training is carried out at the clinical bases, which provide education at all levels of medical care. It begins at the public health organizations of districts and it finishes at the regional and republican levels. Mobile residency is carried out in central district hospitals, central hospitals of mono-cities, city and region hospitals, republican researches centers and institutes.

The event has been continued by the report of provost (the first vice rector) Vayva Khendrikson: «Residency training experience in Lithuania ». The next programs are very popular among residents in Vilnius, specifically dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, plastics, radiology, otolaryngology and cardiology. The Health Ministry defines the number of doctors who should be allowed to participate in relevant programs. Selection is made taking in to account needs of state and results are submitted for consideration by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports. Number of vacancies is planned in accordance with regulations of Law on Science and Research. 

Reports of foreign guests have been presented: the head of academic department of medical faculty of Vilnius University – Ekaterina Bortkevich and her colleague, head residency EP on rehabilitation, professor- Juoazas Raistyanskis. 

Directors of educational programs of all residency specialties have taken active participation in KMU round table. Participants discussed in details the functions of clinical mentors, load of the facility, forms of final control and students’ methods assessment. 



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