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Occupational Health Forum

09 October 2019

Employees of the Medical University of Karaganda took part in the Russian National Congress with international participation " OCCUPATION and HEALTH". This is a regular nationwide forum for doctors and professionals on occupational health issues.

Particular attention at the Congress was paid to innovative technologies in the field of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with occupational and industrial-related diseases. Issues of assessment and management of professional and environmental risks were also considered; modern information technologies and training in occupational medicine; issues of the effectiveness of recreational activities; health aspects of conservation technologies in production and import substitution of foreign products, medical equipment and medicines by domestic manufacturers. The most topical issues of regulatory, methodological and practical medical support of the working population were discussed.

The event was attended by leading experts in Russia and many countries of the world in the field of occupational health and occupational pathology, labor protection and industrial ecology, hygienists, practitioners of related specialties, specialists in medical and social examination and rehabilitation, public health and insurance medicine, as well as representatives trade unions, social structures, NGOs, heads of manufacturing enterprises, entrepreneurs, social activists.

The forum program included symposia, «round tables», and training seminars on the system of continuing medical and pharmaceutical education of the Russian Ministry of Health.

Representatives of many non-governmental international organizations always take part in the Congress, among them the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Labor Organization (ILO), the International Commission for Occupational Medicine (ICOH), and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and others.

Representatives of the Karaganda Medical University successfully participated in the five sections of the forum.

At the international symposium “Epidemiology of Occupational and Industrial-Related Diseases”, MD, professor Amanbekova A.U. with a report on the topic: "Professional pathology in Kazakhstan and ways to improve the health care system of the working population."

During the work of the “round table” “Issues of education in occupational medicine”, MD, professor Smagulov N.K. presented a report on the topic: "The impact of the educational process on the health of teachers of a medical university." The professor spoke about the assessment of the functional stress of the body of foreign medical students when adapting to educational activities at the round table " Psychology of Labor and Stress".

At the scientific-practical conference of occupational pathologists of the Volga, Ural and Central Federal Districts, a report by the team of authors Ibraev S.A., Zhumabekova G.S., Zharylkasyn Zh.Zh. on the topic: "Induced mutagenesis in workers in the chrysotile industry".

In the framework of the symposium "Occupational health and industrial ecology" three reports were presented:

- Drobchenko E. "Social and economic characteristics of the quality of life of the working population of some regions of Kazakhstan",

- Aleshina N. “On socially significant diseases in an industrialized region”,

- Sabirov Zh. "Evaluation of peripheral blood indices in the population living near the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site."



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