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Allergology-Immunology: Achievements and Prospects

Allergology-Immunology: Achievements and Prospects

17 October 2019

First year residents of allergy-immunology department (Ospanova A.B, Bekmukhambetova M.E.) attended to the III Republican Scientific and Practical Conference “Allergology-Immunology: Achievements and Prospects”, which was held in Almaty, on September 19-21, 2019. The conference has been held with participation of International participation of the chief Almaty’s allergist, Nurpeisov T.T., and also under support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Health Department of Almaty city.

It was dedicated to the memory of Nurpeisov T.N., Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, founder and head of the Republican Scientific and Practical Allegological Center of the Scientific Research Institute. Master classes on spirometry techniques, interpretation of immunograms, specific allergodiagnostics invitro, invivo in everyday practice, which took a place in the Research Institute of Cardiology, were represented at the conference. Conference speakers were specialists from the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, who highlighted issues related to modern allergology: immunization of children at risk groups, anti-IgE therapy for bronchial asthma, topical issues in the treatment of chronic urticaria and atopic dermatitis, drug hypersensitivity, emergency care for anaphylaxis. We were impressed with the scope and level in preparation of this event. We want to express special gratitude to our mentor, Professor M. Gazalieva for the opportunity to attend at the conference.



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