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To students about entrepreneurship

To students about entrepreneurship

17 October 2019

In accordance with the Message of RK President in the context of modernization of Kazakhstan, one of the priorities is cardinal improvement and expansion of the business environment through implementation of the Program of Productive Employment and Development of Mass Entrepreneurship. At the initiative of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs "Atameken" for university students, including the Medical University of Karaganda, the course "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship" (in 36 hours) is introduced in the form of optional classes.

The purpose of the course is to provide students with basic knowledge of doing business, management, marketing, finance, business modeling of startup projects taking into account domestic and international practices in modern market conditions.

The next lesson on the basis of the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines and Chemistry of the Karaganda Medical University was held recently for students (77 participants) of 3-4 courses of specialties "Pharmacy" and "Technology of pharmaceutical production".In the framework of the lesson, conducted by the teacher of the department E. Tulebaev, together with representatives of the NCE “Atameken”, a “guest lecture” was organized.As a guest speaker, a certified trainer, an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, the author and presenter of the courses “Upgrade Instagram”, “Young Blogger”, “I am a Brand”, “Business Style”, “Conflictology” and “Service Plus”, Juliana Ten is invited.She shared her experience in the field of entrepreneurship, had a conversation with students on marketing, sales techniques to attract and retain customers, as well as the use of modern information platforms in her professional activities.



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