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Mobile consultation

Mobile consultation

29 October 2019

On October 17-18, the work of mobile groups within the framework of the all-university action “Medıtsınanyń bolashaǵy” was carried out by the compliance office together with the Department of youth affairs, students’ support service and Student Republic “Samruk” Anti-Corruption Ministry. The consultants have explained the internal documents of the university, and also described the main actions that the student should perform in the event of a corruption situation.

The action takes place online and once a month, mobile groups work in the educational buildings of the university. Assessment of students' social well-being is carried out by analyzing the problems that students addressed. Also, during the action, a collection of ideas and suggestions on improving the social and educational conditions of students have taken place. The action is quite simple - everyone, having scanned a QR code or clicking on a link, can leave his suggestion or idea that solves the problem he faced. In addition, participants were able to assess the level of perception of corruption by students and give their suggestions to minimize corruption risks.

  Over 2 days of mobile groups work, more than 200 calls and suggestions were received. The data collected during the work of mobile groups will be analyzed and presented to the University Board.

  The promotion has been carrying out throughout the academic year.

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