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Territory of Emergency States

Territory of Emergency States

18 November 2019

On November 15, 2019, the employees of the Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies held a competition «Territory of Emergency Conditions» among residents of 1, 2, 3 years of training in providing emergency medical care.

As a clinical scenario, the «Armed hostage attack» was lost. Practical healthcare workers from the city of Karaganda took part in the assessment of the teams: associate professor of the Department of Family Medicine V.A. Zhakipbekova, Associate Professor of the Department of Emergency Medicine G.N. Azhimetova, head of the Security Council of the NAO MUK M.K.Kaliev, doctor of the Federal State Institution «Center for Disaster Medicine» of the managementof Emergencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Karaganda Region A.Yu. Kovrikov, Oveznepesov T.N., chief specialist of the management of Emergencies of the city of Karaganda A.T. Ashimov, engineer of the emergency department of the city of Karaganda S.S. Zeynullin.

Examiners praised the training of residents. After the competition, all participants took part in a debriefing, where they received feedback. Participants of the competition noted the high level of organization in the conduct of this event.

Competition Results:

1st place: Yugay K.S., Poleshchuk A.V., Orynbek A.B., Dauletia D.D., Aumazhitov S.Zh., Zagitova K.R., Kuzovkov I.A.

2nd place: Prokopyeva T.A., Pokrashenko O.A., Himatova L.A., Zhankorazov M.N., Traks O.V., Syrlybaeva T.K.

3rd place: Yushchuk S.A., Orazuli N.Ә., Mamedova Z.M., Khairbekova Kh.B., Shaiken E.A., Shayakhanova N.Zh.

Shamshieva M.K., trainer TsSOT



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