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About the new molecular-biochemical research

About the new molecular-biochemical research

20 November 2019

In the first decade of November, the international conference "Modern Molecular-Biochemical Markers in Clinical and Experimental Medicine - 2019" was held, organized by ESCBM (European Scientific Center "Biomarkers"), Prague (Czech Republic).

The conference was attended by scientists from: Australia, Israel, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, India and Japan.

Kazakhstan was presented by assistant of the Department of internal diseases No. 1, PhD doctoral student of the specialty "Medicine" of the Medical University of Karaganda Bodaubay Roza (supervisor-MD, Professor D. Zh. Taizhanova).

The participant presented an oral report on the topic: "Comparative clinical and angiographic evaluation of the long-term results of coronary stenting in patients with ischemic heart disease", which aroused interest in relevance and novelty among other participants of the conference.

In the framework of the forum PhD doctoral Student R. Bodaubay was trained on "Algorithms and standards of biological markers" with a certificate.



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