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Conflict resolution. Burnout Syndrome

Conflict resolution. Burnout Syndrome

25 November 2019

In modern society, the problem of emotional burnout is an urgent problem. This concept was introduced into psychology in 1974, by the American psychiatrist G. Freidenberge.

This topic’s seminar wasbeing held at the Department of Medical Psychology and Communication Skills, on November 20-21, with the participation of 5th year students of the School of Medicine.

A presentation of a student- Savin Nikita on the topic “Another Global Warming” was especially emotional; it was made based on his observation of the work of medical workers while studying at the university. There was something to think about! Students of Ibadullaev Dana and Musina Diana presented the topic “Prevention of Burnout Syndrome” and made interesting recommendations. The seminar was completed by student Kemelbekova Nazerke, having tested on the topic “Are you a conflict person?” 

On this issue, foreign students also presented their presentations and shared their views.

   The seminar was held in an atmosphere of activity, positive. 



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