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12 December 2019

According to the work plan of the Department of Pathology for the 2019-2020 academic year, on December 6, 2019, the faculty of the Department of Pathology held an Open Day for students of the gymnasium No. 45 of the city of Karaganda. More than 20 people attended the event, received answers to their questions, learned a lot about the future profession of a doctor, got acquainted with the training procedure and learned a little more about the Karaganda Medical University, looked at it live.

The choice of the profession of a doctor is not so much the choice of a university where you want to go, how much is planning your life in general, future responsibility for the life and health of people. It is extremely important to approach this choice meaningfully and with full responsibility. Open Day at the Department of Pathology is an opportunity to learn about future studies and future profession. This is what the employees of the Department of Pathology promoted, having delivered a parting word. A future doctor is a motivated person who is fully aware of his future life and responsibility.

Many teenagers dream about the profession of a doctor, but, as a rule, their knowledge about the work of doctors is limited to films, series and the impression of visiting the clinic. The teacher of the pathology department Dusmailov Rakhimzhan Mendashevich spoke not only perfectly about how future forensic experts are trained, but also presented in a simple and accessible form the vital importance of the acquired medical knowledge, their applicability in real-life situations. At the Open Doors Day, the children were introduced to modern medicine and narrow specialties, scientific problems and new developments, practicing doctors talked about their real work. Students learned about the latest trends in treatment, tried to provide first aid.

At the end of the questions and answers section, the guests of the Department of Pathology were waiting for a master class on dissection in laboratory animals. In addition, for everyone, guided tours of the university museums were conducted: the anatomical, forensic and museum of the history of the CMU, where students were told about the future profession and the history of the institution.

We sincerely hope that the Open Day was useful for you, future doctors, you could find answers to your questions and get acquainted with future training at the CMU. Well, all the staff of the Department of Pathology will be waiting for future doctors within the walls of the Karaganda Medical University!

 Team of the Department of Pathology



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