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Academic mobility learning outcomes

Academic mobility learning outcomes

30 December 2019

From November 18 to December 17, 2019, employees of the Karaganda Medical University, associate professor of the School of Public Health, Biomedicine and Pharmacy Zhaniya Dauletkaliyeva and associate professor of the Department of Internal Medicine No.2 Alexander Marchenko, were trained at Lund University (Sweden), as part of the academic Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019

During this period, Zhaniya Dauletkaliyeva, under the leadership of Martin Statström - PhD, associate professor of the Department of Public Health at Lund University (Malmö, Sweden), began developing the “Health Promotion” course for teaching students, undergraduates and doctoral students of PhD medical schools Kazakhstan. Also, at Lund University, together with the vice-rector-director of the Institute of Public Health and Occupational Diseases NAO "Medical University of Karaganda" Kamshat Tussupova, problematic issues of public health in Kazakhstan were discussed and ways to solve them were offered through lectures and training events (workshops). According to the plan of the workshop topic, case studies were selected, translated and adapted from foreign literature, the development of the syllabus was started. To achieve these goals, Zhaniya Dauletkaliyeva studied the lectures of Martin Statström, modern foreign literature in the field of public health.

Under the leadership of PhD, associate professor at the Center for Analysis and Synthesis (CAS), Department of Chemistry, University of Lund (Kemicentrum Lund) Peter Spégel, specializing in the study of type 2 diabetes, Alexander Marchenko processed the preliminary data obtained during the experiment on β-cell culture pancreas (in vitro). The work included the identification of substances detected by analysis on GC / Q-TOF-MS (gas chromatography with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry), using the AMDIS computer program and the NIST 2017 mass spectra library. To carry out this work, Alexander Marchenko mastered the theoretical material (Peter Spégel lecture course, a number of articles, books in the modern edition) on analytical chemistry, with an emphasis on mass spectrometry, biochemistry. Along with this, a meeting was held with PhD, associate professor of the Center for Analysis and Synthesis Margareta Sandahl, specializing in "Green Technologies", during which they discussed the possibility of further cooperation between our universities, as part of joint projects.

During the joint work of Zhaniya Dauletkaliyeva and Alexander Marchenko, under the leadership of Kamshat Tussupova, work was carried out to develop the project of the Institute of Public Health and Occupational Diseases website, the website of the Karaganda Medical University, and documentation of the academic portfolio for the Institute staff.

Zhaniya Dauletkaliyeva

Alexander Marchenko



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