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Points of contact between entrepreneurship and reading

Points of contact between entrepreneurship and reading

23 January 2020

Enactus is an international organization that aims to improve people's lives through entrepreneurial actions.

You will ask :" What is common between entrepreneurship and book competition?"

The answer is simple, and it consists of the desire to make life bright, interesting and useful, both for yourself and for he society.

Meanwhile, we sum up the results of the online contest "Read with EnactusKMU", our winners: Simbat Amankeldi, Yulia Tribus, Asylzhan Yazov, Balym Zhumadildinova. Congratulations!

We remind competition conditions: to sign up for instagram page @enactus_kmu, leave your opinion of reading the book as a comment under the post, to collect the greatest number of "likes", as a gift, you will find the book of your dreams!

Team оf Enactus KMU 



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