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Teaching process encompasses

Teaching process encompasses

18 February 2020

Since the beginning of the new semester, after the holidays, the pediatrician interns have started the cycle "Emergency medical care in Pediatrics" with the big enthusiasm. During the course of the cycle, interns went on calls, discussed current topics with the teacher in practical classes, visited the center for simulation and educational technologies, where they improve their practical skills.

In addition to the basic program, interns show desire to prepare lectures on topical issues at the moment. 

Due to the fact that of the epidemiological situation in the world, during the course of the cycle "Emergency medical care in Pediatrics", interns of pediatricians prepared and delivered lectures about: " ARVI. Acute stenosing laryngotracheitis. The neurotoxicity". Also, there was an emphasis on the incidence of coronavirus. The lecturers were read by the students: groups 7-034a Gabaidulina K. O., Turar A.D., 7-028 YerengalievaT.K. The Audience consist of doctors and paramedics of the EMC of Karaganda substations #1(City, Central substation), #2 (Maikuduk) and #5 (South-East). Thanks to the online broadcast of the lecture from the Central substation, doctors and paramedics of the region can participate. 

During the course, the EMC doctors expressed their gratitude for the help in their work. For example : Intern 7-028 group Baimaganbet S.K. The doctor of the #24 brigade EMC Pakshtas S. A. from the 2nd substation expressed gratitude for the assistance during the night duty. Due to the large number of calls, the team did not stop at the substation for a minute during the night. 

Interns pediatricians 7-034a, 7-028 groups during the cycle distinguished themselves by their productivity and a good level of knowledge!

Department of emergency medicine

Interns of 7-034a, 7-028 groups



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