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About the Vilnius experience of accepting applicants

About the Vilnius experience of accepting applicants

05 March 2020

Within the framework of a strategic partnership with the University of Vilnius (Lithuania), in the period from March 02-06, 2020 experts from the University of Vilnius, Ekaterina Bortkevich, Head of the Department for academic Affairs, and Arturas Saltis, Head of the Department for student admission are arrived at KMU.

Within the scope of the visit of experts, two round tables were held on March 03, where the experience of Vilnius University in accepting students for bachelor's, master's, PhD and residency courses was discussed.

Ekaterina Bortkevich and Arturas Saltis gave a detailed overview of the admission process at the University of Vilnius.

All deans of schools, Director and Deputy Director of the Department of academic work, as well as specialists of this Department, the Department of strategic development and quality management of the Medical University of Karaganda took an active part in this round table.



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