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Activities Related to Education Process

Activities Related to Education Process

11 March 2020

On 02.03.2020, another series of project works presentations among first year students of International Medical Faculty in the frame of the completion of the course ‘Basics of Scientific Thinking.’ was held at the History of Kazakhstan and Social Political Sciences Department

  Overall 55 students have defended their projects and had completed 12 projects. Themes of the projects were identified by students themselves based on the dimension ‘Pragmatism’ from the program ‘Modernization of Public Consciousness.’

In general students have examined issues related to educational processes which they face in their daily education process. In particular, challenges within written exams, learning Kazakh and Russian languages. Also issues related to hostel life and leisure time issues were highlighted.

The roles of the independent examiners were conducted by the head of the department Temirgaliev Kudaybergen  Abayevich and Koftun Olga Alexeevna. 



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