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Learning to manage the infection

Learning to manage the infection

17 April 2020

Prior to the start of the video conference on April 15, at the Medical University of Karaganda, as part of the visit of the Chinese delegation to the Karaganda region, Vice-Rector for Clinical Work, Professor Bakhyt Nurgalievna Kosherova shared with media representatives that colleagues from China are very generously sharing their experiences:

- They have already visited the  Nur-Sultan  city, where they have done a lot of work with specialists from the capital, have advised severe patients who are being treated in hospitals. The experience of China is worthy of great respect, because the doctors of this country were able to turn coronavirus infection into a controlled process. Doctors of the PRC achieved this by early detection of infected people, registration of all patients, early isolation and early treatment. These principles helped them to concentrate the pool of doctors, experts, hospitals and allowed them to use their resources efficiently, rationally.

In our republic, a team of infectious disease specialists, pulmonologists, clinical pharmacologists, resuscitation anaesthesiologists has developed a clinical protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus infection, created on the basis of the latest clinical studies conducted around the world and complying with all international standards. As an infectious disease doctor with extensive practical experience and the leader of the development team of this clinical protocol, Bakhyt Nurgalievna is especially appreciative of all the recommendations of Chinese colleagues. They confirmed the correctness of all approaches regarding COVID-19 in Kazakhstan, including epidemiological surveillance, and recommended that important additions is to be made to the protocol regarding the treatment of severe, critical patients.

During this week, Chinese experts will conduct on-line trainings for doctors and nurses on the prevention and control of COVID-19, share experience in treating seriously ill patients, measures to prevent the spread of infection in medical organizations, and methods for diagnosing coronovirus infection.

During on-line meetings, consultations will be organized and recommendations will be given on the treatment of patients in our region. Doctors and nurses, teachers of medical universities and colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan will take part in on-line conferences.

Chinese experts will also visit the molecular genetic laboratory of the Medical University of Karaganda, where they will discuss the molecular and genetic epidemiology of infectious diseases, including coronavirus infection, the possibility of further research on effective measures to contain possible epidemics.



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