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Clinical protocol has been discussed with experts

Clinical protocol has been discussed with experts

23 April 2020

In the afternoon of April 17, a discussion of the National Clinical Protocol of the Republic of Kazakhstan on coronavirus infection took place. The moderator of the meeting was Professor B.N. Kosherova, who is one of the direct developers of this document. The administration of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan considers the participation of experienced Chinese doctors in evaluating the Protocol to be important in order to take into account their expert opinion in future work.  In this regard, the Vice-Minister of Health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan L.M. Aktaeva took a part in the meeting.

The sixth edition of the clinical protocol was approved on 04.16.2020, it means that it is the most relevant official document to date, the implementation of which should be carried out immediately in all medical organizations of the Republic.
First of all, the moderator said, the clinical protocol gives clear definitions related to formulation of a clinical diagnosis of disease and its identification. An important feature of the approved document is a clear algorithm of the actions of each of the parties to the diagnostic process.

B.N. Kosherova pointed out the each line of the Protocol positions, giving the opportunity to Chinese colleagues to familiarize with information in detail and express their opinion..
In the concluding remarks provided to the Vice Minister of Health L.M. Aktayeva, sincere thanks were expressed for the helpful discussion of the Clinical Protocol.

L.M. Aktaeva informed that already according to the results of today's morning seminar, which discussed respiratory rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19, an instruction was given to develop an addendum to this Protocol, which includes recommendations of Chinese specialists on the respiratory rehabilitation program.

In conclusion, at the suggestion of the vice minister, applause sounded to colleagues who worked intensively and fruitfully during the meeting.



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