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About the meeting on Decree of the Head State Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan

About the meeting on Decree of the Head State Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan

23 April 2020

Meeting on the implementation of Decree of the Head State Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan was the final event of the fourth day of the work of the Chinese delegation in Karaganda. 

 Head State Sanitary Doctor of Kazakhstan A.S. Esmagambetova took part in a meeting moderated by Professor B.N. Kosherova. She presented the document to Chinese colleagues, revealing the details of each item.
This Decree is one of the main official documents related to the organization of work to counteract the spread of coronavirus infection and supplements the well-known main decree number 32.

Currently, quarantine has been introduced throughout Kazakhstan. Considering the peculiarities of the regions, the great length of railways and highways, the difference in climatic zones, production and economic conditions, akim of the regions delegated the right to make specific decisions to limit activities, quarantine zoning.

Today, 75% of enterprises have stopped work almost everywhere. Only livelihoods entities are working. The passage of transport is permitted only by special equipment or vehicles that meet the needs of emergency rescue, medical and other services responsible for the security of the country and regions.

A.S. Esmagambetova noted that it was important to stop the public transport in cities, since not all citizens showed a responsible attitude to the established rules. And this was the only effective solution that interrupted the crowds and provided the necessary distance.

The state also took over the functions of monitoring the provision of the current state of emergency: the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic began to patrol.

Regional akims are instructed to determine locally which of the enterprises of the real sector of the economy can gradually restore their activity.

Special sections of the Decree determine the mechanisms for the transformation of hospitals into infectious hospitals, provisional hospitals, as well as the conversion of multidisciplinary hospitals to receive patients with COVID-19 with emergency somatic pathology or indications for surgical treatment according to vital signs.

The anti-epidemic protection measures in medical organizations are prescribed in the Decree, including the separation of patient flows, the definition of “clean” and “dirty” zones, and the use of personal protective equipment.

Chinese experts studied each line of the Decree very carefully. Very persistently, returning several times to the same paragraph on hospital zoning, Chinese colleagues emphasized the urgent need to exclude the slightest possibility of contact with infected material from medical personnel.

By the way, Chinese doctors talked about their experience in building a special bypass corridor around the infection centers treating COVID-19. This increased security and allowed to win in the squares of the centers themselves.

The head sanitary doctor noted that the modular infectious hospitals, which are now being built in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent, will include these infrastructure sections that provide a full cycle of infection control.

Discussion in which our colleagues from China and the Head Sanitary Doctor of the republic participated can be called an interested dialogue. All who witnessed this discussion noted the sincere desire of both sides of the dialogue to find the best ways to implement the strategy to contain the infection and achieve success in eliminating the danger.

The speech in the discussion was taken by the head nurse of the hospital of the Ili-Kazakh District -Yu Yansya, who recommended installing video surveillance in the transition zones, organizing constant trainings for medical personnel, hanging small memos in the transition zone with instructions on how to properly remove and control the tightness of personal protective equipment.

Since the Decree defines the categories of people who need to carry out PCR for coronavirus, procedures and types of testing, Chinese experts paid much attention to this issue.

 An exchange of views took place regarding the work of medical personnel with medical documents in the "dirty zone", the duration of the work of medical teams in hospitals, the use of masks, analytics in relation to cases of detection of coronavirus carriage or morbidity. The discussion touched on many important professional issues that are relevant in comprehensive measures carried out by the health systems of both countries to fight with COVID-19.

 Concluding the meeting, the moderator B.N. Kosherova, noted that a lot of questions from Kazakhstan participants were published in the chat of the meeting. All of them relate to specific details of the execution of the Decree. All of them will be summarized and transferred to the Head Sanitary Doctor of the republic. The moderator informed that the vice-ministers of public health L.M. Aktaeva and K.T. Nadyrov actively participated in the chat of the group.

She noted the great usefulness of the work done, warmly thanked the Chinese delegation for fruitful cooperation.



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