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Physical education to the masses!

Physical education to the masses!

16 November 2020

The Center of Physical Health has lead the online competition in general physical training among students of 3rd, 4th,5th courses. The girls jumped rope, the boys made pull-ups.

The best results among the girls showed Volkova Milena (3035 GM). The second place was taken by Zhapisheva Aruzhan (3023 GM), the third – by Suleimen Diana (4007  Den). Among the boys Shuрeyev Sultan (3005 GM) turned out to be the strongest, the second place took Tileugabyl Gasyrzhan (4033 GM), the third - Tusipbek Aydos (4003 Den).

Congratulations to all the winners and pre-winners! We wish you good health and actively engaging in physical education. 

The Center of Physical Health.



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