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Online competition on checkers «64»

Online competition on checkers «64»

05 February 2021

On January 30-31, 2021, an online competition on checkers"64" was held at the Medical University among the teaching staff. Competitions in this format were held for the first time both for judges and for participants. “I thought it would be difficult, but it turned out to be the opposite. The game is very addictive! " - said the participant, the dean of the School of Nursing Education K.A. Estemesov. 

Following the results of two days of competition, the winners and prize-winners were:


The 1st place - E.A. Kotov (Assistant to the Department of Pathology)

The 2nd place - D.M. Isataev (Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies, engineer of the Center for Social Technologies)

The 3rd place - M.K. Tilemisov (employee of the research, sanitary and hygienic laboratories of the Institute of Public Health and Professional Health)


The 1st place - K.S. Tlegenova (Assistant to the Department of Pediatrics)

The 2nd place - A.O. Mukabylova (teacher at the School of Pharmacy)

The 3rd place - K.A. Estemesova (Dean of the School of Nursing Education)

Winners and prize holders were awarded with diplomas. Thank you all for your active participation! See you at the next competition!

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