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Victory at the olympics

Victory at the olympics

01 May 2021

April 26-28 the II Russian online olympics on therapy with international participation was held. The olympics were organized by the Northwestern State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov (St. Petersburg, Russia), which more than 750 students of 4-6 courses of "general medicine" and "pediatrics" was attended, as well as medical practitioners from CIS countries.

The II All-Russian оlympics were held in 2 stages. The first stage was "theoretical knowledge testing" for 120 test tasks on the Moodle platform, which had to be completed in 40 minutes. On the second stage, practical skills were evaluated using the Virtual Bodyinteract simulator. Students solved 3 clinical cases during 60 minutes.

Five students of the 6th year of KMU: Savin Nikita, Selivanov Maxim, Temirkhanov Nurlybek, Guschenskaya Marina and Krylov Andrei took a part in the Olympics. They are active students participating in various international conferences, competitions and public life of the university, as well as performing volunteer work as the tutors. Preparations for the olympics were conducted under the guidance of the practical skills coaches of the CSLT, Marina Vladimirovna and Kirill Vladimirovich (a resident of the 2nd year).

According to the results of the olympics among 750 participants, students of our university with high rating scores went to the final round and were in the top 30 of the best participants.

According to the results of the final round, Selivanov Maxim took the 2nd place and Savin Nikita won “the Best Diagnosis in Therapy" category. 

We are proud of our students who showed the best results in the II Russian olympics! 

We believe in the beautiful future of our students and wish the winners of the Olympics new creative victories and achievements!

The best reward for a teacher of medical university is the victories and results of their students. We would like to thank our CSLT coaches for their help in preparing for the Olympics, support and motivation in mastering the future profession. 

The awarding of the winners and prizes will be announced after May 11, 2021.



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