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Virtual Technology in Histology Training: Anatomage

Virtual Technology in Histology Training: Anatomage

25 May 2021

From April 19 to May 21, 2021, teachers of the Department of Morphology and Physiology (30 people) studied the possibilities of the virtual anatomical table "Anatomage." The classes examined the functions of the anatomical table: three-dimensional models of the male and female bodies with organs and tissues, ON THE BASIS of MRI and CT imaging, dynamic imaging tools and interactive testing functions, endoscopic procedures, as well as the physiology of organs and systems. To get the training score, each participant demonstrated their own use of the virtual case, ranging from the inclusion of the equipment to the completion of the task analysis and its evaluation.

The students appreciated the organization of training and the latest technologies, acquired new knowledge and skills, increased their creativity, were able to study cases with pathologies that aroused special interest. At the end of the workshop, participants developed a plan to integrate Anatomage's capabilities into anatomy, physiology and histology training.



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