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10th AHLA International Health Literacy Conference

10th AHLA International Health Literacy Conference

21 May 2024

Successful presentation at the 10th AHLA International Health Literacy Conference

Takuadina Aliya, an associate professor from the Department of Informatics and Biostatistics and project manager of the Kazakhstan student's health literacy study, participated in and contributed to the field of health literacy at the 10th AHLA International Health Literacy Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (12-15 May 2024).

She presented a report titled "Assessment of health literacy level among Kazakhstan students according to the field of study". This work was accomplished under the research project funded by grant number AP19679263. It aims to enhance our understanding of health literacy amongst Kazakhstani students. The presentation was received with considerable interest, underscoring Kazakhstan's steps and progress in this essential area.

This conference has fostered scientific partnerships. We are excited about potential collaborations with colleagues from Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, and invitations for upcoming events sparked by Dr. Takuadina A. and her team’s work. We would like to acknowledge our dedicated KMU Public Health team for their substantial contribution and support.

Some results of this project have already been published here: https://doi.org/10.3390/healthcare12090907, with more enlightening findings on their way.

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Picture 1. Poster of the study

Picture 2. Registration for the conference

Picture 3. At the conference stage
Picture 4. Dr. Takuadina A. is explaining the findings of the study

Picture 5. City tour with the conference participants



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