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Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies
Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies

Center for Simulation and Educational Technologies

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 Center of simulated and educational technologies (CSET)  has been operating since 2007. The first head of the center of simulation and educational technologies Ricklefs Victor Petrovich, candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor (2007-2017). Since 2017, the center is headed by Gulshat Seitmuratovna Kemelova, Ph. D., associate Professor.

Mission of CSET: providing a safe, reliable educational environment for teaching clinical skills to students and increasing the capacity of University teachers.

Strategic objective: to improve the quality of training of health professionals by providing students with the opportunity to develop, maintain and improve clinical competence and the formation of the ability to learn throughout life.

Main tasks of Center of simulation and educational technologies..

·Providing an appropriate educational environment for clinical training in the context of CSET and increasing the capacity of teachers.

·Organization and implementation of integrated learning and clinical skills teaching using various teaching methods using in training and teaching clinical skills mannequins, model, models, automated virtual models, interactive educational computer programs, audio-video materials, and engaging learning and assessment of clinical skills standardized patients

·Participation in the modernization of the educational process in accordance with the development strategy of the University

·Formation of skills of independent and self-directed training of students and teaching staff on the principle of lifelong learning

·Organization and conduct of an objective structured clinical examination (OCE) covering all levels of education, organization and control of methodological support of the OCE

·Development and creation of a data Bank on training programs and test tasks on clinical skills, as well as the development and creation of a data Bank for monitoring the quality of training of students in the field of clinical skills and results of SSE and SSE

·Assistance in improving the quality of clinical training of specialists, professional development of teaching staff in the field of teaching clinical skills

eBOOK for simulation lovers

The e-book of the Center оf Simulation and Educational Technologies contains information on the activities of the center, achievements, equipment. In the e-book, you can familiarize yourself with regulatory documents, rules, memos, as well as video materials by clicking on the links.

This book is intended for students of medical educational institutions, teachers of clinical departments and employees of simulation centers.

Contact address:


7 Alalykin street

Contact phone number:

56-41-81 (EXT.1315)

* e-mail: Kemelova@qmu.kz