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19 June 2020

July 22, 2020 at 11.00. h. In the "Karaganda Medical University "NC JSC an online - defense of the dissertation will be held for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the specialty "6D110200 - Public Health"Mergentay Aigul on the topic: “Scientific substantiation of approaches to improving the standards of workload for general practitioners” will be held.

The thesis has been done at Karaganda Medical University NC JSC.

Defense language: Kazakh


Ibrayev Serik - MD, professor, Department of Public Health,Astana Medical University NC JSC,Director of the Alanda Clinic,  Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Dauletkalieva Zhaniya - PhD, associate Professor of School of Public Health, Biomedicine and Pharmacy, NC JSC "Medical University of Karaganda", Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Academic advisers:

Dyusentay Kulov - doctor of medical sciences, professor at School of Public Health, Biomedicine and Pharmacy at Karaganda Medical University NC JSC, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Vitaliy Koikov - MD, PhD, doctor of medical sciences,Head of the Center for Education and Science Development, RSE “Republican Center for Health Development” Ministry of Healthof the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Bauyrzhan Omarkulov - candidate of medical sciences, associate professor, Director of the Institute of public health and occupational health at Karaganda Medical University NC JSC, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Irina Son - doctor of medical sciences, professor, Deputy Director for Science of the Central Research Institute for Organization and Informatization of Health Care of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation.

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Agenda: Meeting of the Dissertation Council of 07.22.2020, Minutes No. 3, doctoral candidate Mergentay A.



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