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29 December 2020

BigIdeasMarathon: one step from idea to business

BigIdeasMarathon is a marathon for starting a startup from scratch or accelerating an existing one.

The marathon can be attended by students and graduates of educational institutions - residents of the project “Ecosystem of student entrepreneurship”.

Start: January 10, 2020 | Finish: April 10, 2021

Team Registration Deadline: 23:59, January 9, 2020

BigIdeasMarathon registration:https://bit.ly/bim2020reg

During these three months, the marathon participants will create their own startup, product, service from scratch, or they will try to scale a startup that is already operating and working.

Evaluation criteria

1. A clear value proposition. Teams need to show who their customer is and what problem they are solving, what value they provide to the customer.

2. Tested prototype or MVP. Teams must prototype their product or service and get feedback from the user or customer.

3. First confirmed 10 (ten) sales and first customers. Teams need to be able to confirm their first sales and first customers.

The organizers measure not only the success of your startup, but also the mistakes you made and the lessons you learned. Most importantly, show us your work. Not necessarily your team and your product must be successful, it may fail and therefore be the best.


#EcoSystemERG will provide a mentor for each team. Mentors of BigIdeasMarathon will be #EcoSystemERG residents and ambassadors, sensei of the AlmaU School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Impact Lab experts.

At their discretion, participants can engage teachers and employees of educational institutions in which they study, as well as city entrepreneurs and businessmen as mentors.

The mentors will meet with the teams twice a week. In meetings, mentors will help focus on tasks and change results.

Team building

• Teams must have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people.

• All team members must be students of educational institutions - residents of the project or graduates of educational institutions no earlier than the 2016-2017 academic year.

• The creation of inter-university teams within the same region or as a whole, within the republic is encouraged.

Final presentation

Participants need to upload a video presentation of their project on YouTube by 11:59 pm (Astana time) on April 1, 2020. In the title of the video, indicate the hashtag #EcoSystemERG and the name of your team.

Video length is maximum 3 minutes. The video must cover three points specified in the evaluation criteria. Links to additional materials can be attached to the team's profile.

A screensaver for the video and additional materials will be available in the private telegram chat of the marathon participants.

Entrepreneurial Meetup

You can win a trip to the Entrepreneurial Meetup, which is sold in Astana.

100 students and entrepreneurs from the best teams who have shown significant results will go to represent their university or college at the Entrepreneurial Meetup. The #EcoSystemERG organizers will cover living and travel expenses.

The project “Ecosystem of student entrepreneurship” was launched in March 2017 at the initiative of ERG (Eurasian Group) in partnership with Almaty Management University and the Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University in Kazakhstan. The project offers students the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship and also plays an important role in developing the skills and competencies of teachers and staff in educational institutions.



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