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Youth associations

Youth associations

The Volunteer organization «Next Generation»

The volunteer organization «Next Generation» is a voluntary association of socially active students with the aim of promoting, researching a healthy lifestyle, as well as a personal example of humanism and patriotism for university students. The main activities of «Next Generation» are formed in accordance with the goals and objectives of sustainable development:

- Promotion of volunteer activities in the student community through mass media;

- Participation in socially significant events in co-operation with youth associations;

- Interaction with state bodies, public and commercial organisations interested in the implementation of the volunteer movement;

- Cooperation with social centres and services on the organisation and implementation of socially significant events;

- Promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the youth;

- Organisation and participation in university and hostel events related to the activities;

- Involvement of students in volunteer activities.


- assistance in creating conditions for students' involvement in the global volunteer movement, as well as the activation and development of the volunteer movement at the university;

- acquisition of new knowledge and professional skills;

- development of personal qualities such as mercy, compassion, readiness to serve the society, people with disabilities, the sick, the lonely;

- to contribute to the formation of communication and organisational skills of students.


- organising the work of volunteers in various areas;

- propaganda of ideas and values of volunteerism in the youth environment;

- involvement of young people in socially significant activities: voluntary and gratuitous participation in solving social and environmentalproblems of local community, city;

- development of student self-governance in the sphere of volunteer activities, support and implementation of socially significant initiatives of volunteers, promotion of best practices of volunteer activities;

- organisation of university students' participation in city and regional volunteer actions and projects;

- ensuring cooperation with governmental structures, public organisations, other volunteer organisations in order to implement joint projects, exchange experience and improve the effectiveness of volunteer activities;

- participation in the implementation of programmes related to the preservation of human health, prevention of HIV infection, tuberculosis, other socially dangerous diseases and self-destructive behaviours (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction).

Regulations of Next Generation

Regulations of StudMed volunteers

Youth Health Center «Zhuldyz»

The Youth Health Center «Zhuldyz» is a voluntary association of socially active students with the aim of promoting, researching a healthy lifestyle, preventing bad habits: smoking, alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances, which in turn covers the 3rd Goal: «Ensuring a healthy lifestyle and promoting well–being for everyone at any age» development.

Purpose of the centre's work:

- Assistance in the formation of students' attitude to a healthy lifestyle

- Sanitary and educational work to prevent the spread of socially significant diseases.

The main directions of the centre:

- Educating the students of the university, schools and the population of the city on the issues of healthy lifestyle.

- Formation and propaganda by means of discussion and embodiment in own life activity of factors of a healthy way of life.

- Formation of negative attitude to alcohol, smoking, drugs and other risk factors.

- Volunteer activities.

- Organising and carrying out thematic actions.

Regulations of Center

Student Scientific Society

Student Scientific Society (SSS) is a public organisation of students, the aim of which is the development of student science. The members of SSS are students engaged in research work and are members of student scientific circles of the University.

The purpose of the work:

Facilitate the development of research capacity and create opportunities for research activities of students including the area of sustainable development goals and targets.

Tasks to achieve the goal:

- assistance in in-depth study of scientific and educational material, in improving their knowledge, expanding the scientific outlook and erudition of a future specialist, with the consolidation of practical skills;

- involving students in direct participation in research work on the global problem of preventing and combating HIV/AIDS;

- convene participants to promote projects on healthy lifestyles and promote well-being for all at all ages in the field of sustainable development goals.

- organising and conducting student scientific conferences, student research competitions, Olympiads, round tables, master classes, discussions, webinars, fairs, etc.;

- informing students about conferences, forums, round tables, discussions and other events held on the basis of the university and other universities;

- assistance in the publication of scientific student works;

− coverage of the results of SSS activities in the internal university newspaper "Medik" and in the social networks of the university.

Regulations of SSS

Debate clubs «Insight» and «Namys»

«KMU-Life» Young Journalists Club

List of youth associations members