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School history and Staff

School history and Staff


The school of residency and professional development was opened in 2019 because of the merging of the Department of clinical work and innovation activity and professional development.

The main areas of the school of residency and professional development operation are:

- implementation of resident training programs;

- implementation of additional education programs:

- clinical activities of the University.

The school is an educational, scientific and administrative unit of the "MUK" NCJSC, implementing educational and professional programs of higher professional education, conducting scientific, methodological and educational work. The school provides training in full-time education. 

The educational activities of the school include the implementation of training programs for residents, and the implementation of further education programs, i.e. training of doctors, creation and holding of master classes and seminars, etc. Further education of medical workers is conducted in accordance with the order No. 691 of 11.11.2009 "On approval of the Rules of training and retraining of medical and pharmaceutical staff and qualification requirements for implementing of programs of further medical and pharmaceutical education (with amendments and additions of 29.05.2011, order No. 433) and standard training programs for 56 medical specialties (according to the "Nomenclature of medical and pharmaceutical specialties" approved by the order of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 774 of 24.11.2009. (as amended on 28 August 2017, order No. 660).

One of the areas of the school of residency and professional development operation is the clinical activity of the university: monitoring the implementation of clinical work by the teaching staff as part of the educational process; conclusion of agreements on joint activities with medical organizations of the city and region, monitoring the implementation of the roadmaps of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, clinical protocols for diagnosis and treatment.

Currently, the School of Residency and Professional Development’s staff is:

Venera Tashkenbayeva - Dean of the School of Residency and Professional Development

Sharapieva Zhanna, Associate Dean for Residency

Beysenayeva Akmaral – Deputy Dean for Further Education

Podilyakina Yulia – Chief specialist

Ramazanova Gulzhanat – Chief specialist

Aytzhanova Rezeda – specialist

Eldashbaeva Kaldygul – specialist

Kitapbay Alua – specialist