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Student unions

The Student Republic «Samruk» is a voluntary organization of all university students, including those studying at college, bachelor's, master's, doctoral and residency courses of the university for the independent implementation of their own initiatives in matters of education, research, organization of life, recreation, leisure through student associations.

Goals :

- Organization of work on the implementation of youth policy at the university.

- Organization of control over the observance of students' rights set forth in the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- Organization of the university students' participation in the implementation of the university's Action Plans, Concepts, network schedules and other acts and documents of the university.

- Improving the prevention of illegal actions among university students.

- Participation in the organization and improvement of the educational process at the university, in schools, at the faculty and dormitories, in study groups, the formation of an environment of creativity and mutual assistance in student groups.

- Assistance in organizing meaningful leisure activities for young people.

- Communication with other youth organizations of the city, region, republic, international youth organizations.

- Organization and holding of other events aimed at comprehensive support and development of students and students of the University

Composition of Government

Regulations of the SR «Samruk»

Local committee of the Republican Public Association «KazMSA»

The local committee of "KazMSA" is a Kazakh organization of medical youth representing the interests of medical students throughout Kazakhstan.
Purpose of the organization- promotion of cooperation with students and young doctors from other regions and other associations, promotion of medical students and young doctors in obtaining practical skills and theoretical medical knowledge, assistance in creating a modern, competitive Kazakhstan with an effective system of national health and medical education, as well as cooperation with universities, research institutes of Kazakhstan and foreign countries, including professional (practical) and research exchange among students all over the world. Development of ideas of medical ethics and healthy lifestyle among young people.
KazMSA is a member of the International Federation of World Medical Associations (IFMSA), which is the largest of all youth organizations and is officially recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).
The main tasks of the Committee:
- Identification of problems and analysis in such areas as students' educational activities, management skills;
- Participation in the work on assessing the quality of the educational process and educational activities of the university;
- Carrying out work to explain to students the regulations on a healthy lifestyle of the university in terms of disciplinary and educational issues;
- Cooperation with representatives of "KazMSA", including in the areas of sustainable development;
- To contribute to the improvement of the university's local regulations regarding the educational process and issues of equality, diversity and inclusiveness.

Committee composition

Regulations of the «KazMSA» Local committee