Karaganda Medical University
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Monthly newspaper «Medic»
Postgraduate education
PhD Program
8D10100 – Medicine

1 Field of education 8D10 Health and social security (medicine)
2 Training area 8D101 Healthcare
3 group of educational  programs D141 Medicine
4 Educational program 8D10100 Medicine 
5 The objective of the EP to achieve a level of knowledge and skills among trained specialists that should be sufficient for them to take leading positions in the development and implementation of research and practical programs in a specific area of medicine and practical work in health and social security organizations
6 The competence of the graduate 1)  demonstrates a systematic understanding of health within the scope of their qualifications, skills, and research methods used in this field;  2)  uses knowledge and expertise to critical analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of new and complex ideas, which are at the forefront of health;  3)  able to conduct independent research and to work on research impact, shows a sustained interest in the development of new ideas and projects, leading to the emergence of new technologies in health care;  4)  participates in oral or written form, in professional discussions, publishes the results of studies in international academic journals;  5)  generates ideas, predicts the results of innovative activities, promotes the academic and professional context of technological, social, or cultural development of a society based on knowledge;  6)  demonstrates leadership, innovation, and independence in employment and training activities in new contexts that require solving problems related to a variety of interrelated factors;  7)  able to communicate on topics in their areas of expertise with equal status, with the broader scientific community and society;  8)  demonstrates self-awareness skills, the commitment to learning throughout life, and experience of teaching in higher and postgraduate education.
7 Type of EP a)  The current EP; 
8 National Qualifications Framework level 8
9 Industry qualifications framework level 8
10 Distinctive features none
11 Degree awarded PhD
12 The training period   Three years
13 Loan volume 180
14 Language of instruction Russian; Kazakh; English
15 EP approval date 25.04.2019
16 Availability of the Appendix to the license for training areas KZ32LAA00016018
17 The presence of the accreditation IQAA, Validity period: 26.09.2016-24.09.2021
18   Field of professional activity administrative and managerial (specialists of healthcare management bodies and administrative and managerial personnel of healthcare organizations); research (employees of scientific organizations);  analytical (employees of information and analytical centers); expert Advisory (experts, consultants in healthcare and social security organizations)
19 Object of professional activity organizations of higher and postgraduate education; organizations of science; health management bodies; organizations of health care and social security.