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Professional development of physicians and medical professions was founded on the basis of Karaganda State Medical Institute by the order of the Ministry of Health No 356 dated on August 20, 1993.

 MD, Professor Alexander G. Shvetsov was the first head of the department. He was awarded the title of "Shock-worker of communist labor", the medal "Veteran of Labor" and the badge "Excellent worker of Healthcare" for his high professionalism and active social work.

From 1997 to 2011 the dean's office was  headed by MD, Professor Ospanova Kadisha Bazarbaevna. She was awarded the badge “Excellent worker of Healthcare of RK”, medals «For the hard work», «10 years of Astana»  and the badge «Golden doctor» for her great contribution to the development of the national health and hard work for the benefit of population health in Kazakhstan.

From 2006 to August 2013 Lyazzat Khasenovna Asenova has worked as deputy dean, then as an associate professor.

Since 2012, the Department is supervised by the Vice-Rector for Clinical Work and Continuous Professional Development, MD, Professor Bakhyt Nurgalievna Kosherova.

B.N. Kosherova was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science and the badge «Honored worker of education of RK», badge «Excellent worker of Healthcare of RK», and the medal «20 years of Independence of RK».

Since November 2014, the dean’s office of the faculty of continuous professional development is headed by PhD, associate professor Asenova Lyazzat Khasenovna who was awarded the badge of the «Excellent worker of Healthcare of RK».

Renowned scientists, leading experts in the field of medicine, doctors of medical sciences, professors who participated at the origin of the faculty establishment  and who are the great honor of the faculty are: K.B. Ospanova, K.Z. Musulmanbekov, K.A. Alikhanova, N.S. Umbetalina, N.I. Sheveleva, A.M. Bukenov,G.A. Kenzhebayeva,R. Kh. Begaydarova, E.N. Sraubayev, S.P. Terekhin, R.A. Omarova, R.S. Alimkhanova,  PhD, associate professor Т.K. Dyusembaeva . 

Currently  the staff of the department is consisted of candidates and doctors of medical sciences, physicians of the first and higher qualification such asD.B.Kulov,B.A. Abeuova, L. G.Turgunova, T.O.Abugaliyeva, V.A.Zhakipbekova, B.K.Omarkulov, R.M.Abdullabekova, E.A.Abilkasimov, G.K.Magzumov,  A.G.Kurashev, O.N.Erzhanov, M.S.Askarov, N.T.Abatov, M.A.Gasalieva,  S.A.Ibraev, O.M.Gazizov, L.H.Asenova,  A.B. Kuzgibekova, G.G.Eremicheva, N.I.Tursynov, G.A.Kenzhebayeva, K.S.Ospanova, G.T.Igimbaeva,  E.A.Abdrakhmanova, S.E.Dikanbaeva, A.M.Zhusupova, T.A.Baesheva, O.I.Trebuhina, L.V.Tyl, T.S.Sergaliev, M.M.Syzdykov, B.T.Aysanov and etc.

The history of the faculty establishment is closely connected with the history of the country. Due to the introduction of new standards of additional medical education and the concept of continuous education, the faculty of professional development of doctors and  medical professions was renamed as the faculty of postgraduate education and continuous professional development (FPE and CPD) in 2004.

In order to further improve  the work of the faculty 6 Departments of FPE and CPD were founded in 2005; Internal Diseases; Family Medicine and Outpatient Therapy; Pediatrics; Hygiene, Social Medicine and Public Healthcare Organization; Dentistry; Surgery and Oncology. In 2006, the Faculty of postgraduate education and continuous professional development was reorganized into Dean’s office of the Faculty of postgraduate education and continuous professional development.

Due to the introduction of new national standards for additional education of RK the Faculty was renamed as the faculty of continuous professional development in January 2010. The FCPD provides training of senior and middle specialists on the programs of development and retraining of personnel,  professional pedagogical development of ATS of universities and medical colleges, training in residency and master’s programme (scientific and pedagogical field – 2 years, profile field – 1 and 1,5 years), PhD-doctoral studies and  also training of medical professions.

In the present time due to the changes in the organizational structure of KSMU the Faculty of continuous professional development was renamed to the faculty of residency and additional education.

Four department functions at the faculty, training is provided in 30 specialties of residency, on 56 specialties of additional education for specialist with higher medical and pharmaceutical education and on 8 specialties for specialists with secondary medical and pharmaceutical education.

The conditions to attract specialists to research work and scope of interaction with the faculty of continuous professional development were created within the framework of scientific, educational and practical activities. Within the framework of self-dependent student’s work audience  is attracted for scientific research work (course works, presentations, joint publications participation in conferences). Residents, who have finished educational process in accordance with the requirements of the working curriculum and educational programs, also make scientific projects for admission to the final state attestation.

Highly qualified specialists in practical public health and clinics with high-tech equipment are attracted to provide educational process in residency.

Clinical bases of the Faculty are: PSE Karaganda Regional Cancer Center, KSPE "Regional Hospital", PSE "Regional Hospital for Infectious Diseases", PSE "Polyclinic No 3", KSPE "Regional Perinatal Center of Karaganda", PSE "Regional mental hospital", Regional Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after H. Z. Makazhanova, Regional Children's Hospital, Medical center and Dental Clinic of KSMU, PSE Regional maxillo - facial Hospital, KSPE "Regional Medical Center", PSE "Regional TB Dispensary", KSPE " Kozhvendispanser ", PSE "Regional children's psycho- neurological dispensary", PSE "Children's Hospital”, LLP "Hippocrates", PSE "Regional EMS station". Other health organizations in the region are available.

Every year the retraining professional development of over 2,000 thousand specialists with higher and secondary medical education from various regions of the Republic are held at the faculty (Karaganda, Kostanai, North Kazakhstan, Akmola, East Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan, Almaty, Pavlodar regions and Astana and etc.)

In 2014 KSMU passed the institutional and specialized accreditation of the Independent Kazakh quality assurance in education for educational programs of residency:  6R114200 – Pediatrics, 6R114300 – Neonatology, 6R111300 – Infectious diseases, including children's, 6R112500 – Clinical pharmacology, 6R111500 – Neuropathology, including children's, 6R113900 – Pathological anatomy, including children’s, 6R113400 – Oncology, in 2015 were accredited programs in the specialties 6R111900 – Radiation diagnostics, 6R111800 – Medical rehabilitation, including children's, 6R113500 – Traumatology and orthopedics, including children's, 6R113300 – Children’s surgery, 6R114400 – Obstetrics and gynecology, including children's, 6R113700 – Ophthalmology, including children's,  6R113800 – Otorhinolaryngology, including children's, in 2017 were accredited 5 specialties of the residency: 6R110300 – Cardiology, including children's, 6R110700 – Hematology, 6R110900 – Endocrinology, including children's, 6R111600 – Psychiatry, 6R113600 – Urology and andrology, including children's.

  The main purpose of the Faculty of Continuous Professional Development is to implement programs of additional education and provide health care system with highly qualified personnel who manage modern methods and technologies in health care and the introduction of new forms and methods of training.

The main objectives are:

-Organization, planning, quality assurance and control of the educational process for additional education specialists with medical and pharmaceutical education.

-Organization, planning, quality assurance and control of the educational process in the residency, master's and doctoral studies.

-Organization of actions aimed to improving the quality of provided services and satisfactory practical healthcare professionals and organizations in education and science.

-Organization of implementation to the learning process of new educational programs in accordance with the achievements of science and practical public health needs


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