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Library Council

The regulations on the Library Council of the Karaganda State Medical University Library

1. General Provisions

1.1.  Library Council is created by the decision of the Academic Council of the University.

1.2.  The order of activity of the Library Council is determined by these Regulations, which are approved by the Academic Council of KSMU.

1.3.  The Library Council is an advisory body that promotes the effective participation of the KSMU library in educational and scientific activities of the university.

1.4.  The Library Council coordinates the activities of the library with the work of other scientific and educational departments of the university in organizing the operational and full provision of the educational process and scientific research with publications, other documents and information about them.

1.5.  The Library Council includes representatives of all schools, leading members of the library.

1.6.  The members of the Library Council are elected for a term of 5 years.

1.7.  The composition of the library council is approved by the University Academic Council on the recommendation of the library director.

1.8.  The library council is headed by a Chairman elected by the council members. The deputy chairman is the director of the library, the secretary of the council is the chief specialist of the library.

1.9.  The library council meets 2 times in a year in accordance with the work plan. At the suggestion of the members of the council, unscheduled meetings may also be held.

1.10.  Meetings of the Library Council are recorded. Council decisions are signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Library Council. One copy of the protocol is permanently stored in the library. Representatives of departments whose presence is necessary for making an informed decision are invited to attend meetings. The Chairman controls the implementation of the decisions of the Council.

1.11.  The secretary records the minutes of meetings.

1.12. The Library Council reviews the plans and reports of the library, makes appropriate proposals for the Managing Council (Rectorate) to improve the activities of the scientific library.

1.13. The decisions of the Library Council are of recommendatory and advisory nature.

1.14. Council members introduce their work to the schools and departments, which they represent. 

2. The main tasks

2.1. Participation in the development and adjustment of thematic and typological plan of the acquisition of the library fund.

2.2. Assisting in improving the material and technical base of the library, providing materials, equipment, computing and organizational equipment.

2.3. Assistance in the formation of the library fund with the help of various types of publications in accordance with the profile of the university.

3. Functions

3.1. Coordination of the developed solutions with the documents existing in the library.

3.2. Constant monitoring of the books availability in the educational process.

3.3. Viewing the price lists of publishers, bookstores, information about published literature with further informing the departments of the proposed publications, the registration of bibliography lists for additional items.

3.4. Submission of proposals in the formation of a plan and applications for books.

3.5. Providing advisory assistance and making proposals about write-off publications that are obsolete in content.

4. Rights and Responsibilities. The Library Council has the right to:

4.1. Make proposals on the organization, planning, provision and control of the library of KSMU at the meeting of the Academic Council, the Managing Council (rectorate).

4.2. Make suggestions for improving the work of the library.

4.3. Request from the departments and structural units the applications for the acquisition of informational resources.

The Library Council is responsible for:

4.4. Inadequate performance or failure to perform the functions assigned to the Library Council.

5. Interaction with university departments

Library Council interacts with:

5.1. The departments and the schools of the university – on the acquisition of scientific and educational literature;

5.2. The Public Procurement Division – on the acquisition of literature and periodicals.

5.3. The Records Management Department – on issues of informing divisions and external document circulation.

5.4. The Dean's offices – on issues of obtaining and providing information on student services.

5.5. The Department of Academic Work – on the provision of class schedules and orders for the movement of a contingent of students.

          5.6. The Center for the Transfer of Innovative Technologies and professional development – for the provision of recommendations relating to medical education.