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Links to information resources

Electronic portals aimed at expanding the scope of the Kazakh language





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Information platform www.jaypeedigital.com provides access to 3,517 electronic textbooks and books in English on all medical specialties, to 8,755 instructional videos of medical manipulations and operations, to 79,334 MSQ (tests) and to 71 medical journals.

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Wiley Online Library

It is the multidisciplinary publishing house that publishes full-text scientific resources in all branches of modern science and knowledge. All scientific content is distributed in the main thematic collections of journals, books and encyclopedias in the areas of natural, technical, social and humanitarian sciences.

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Subscription databases


An online resource for medicine and healthcare from Elsevier Publishing house, providing more than 1,000 books from Elsevier publishing house; more than 600 journals; clinical recommendations with an updated library of standards; a database of medicines; a video library – more than 17,000 videos and 3.6 million illustrations, the presentation wizard allows you to export the found illustrations to PPT slides. Access is provided if there is registration at the IP addresses of the university.

User Guide – ClinicalKey

Step-by-step Video Guide to Obtaining CME Loans using ClinicalKey

Complete Anatomy

Virtual anatomical atlas. Access is provided by an activation code.

Application Download page: https://3d4medical.com/download

Recording of the Complete Anatomy webinar in Russian


An online clinical decision support tool that is used locally, and which is a guide to more than 1,000 clinical conditions. Access is provided by an activation code.


The world is leading resource for online training of professional medical workers. It contains more than 1,000 evidence-based modules compiled by specialists and covers a wide range of clinical and non-clinical topics. Access is provided by an activation code.

User Guide – BMJLearning

  Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics)

Multidisciplinary analytical referencing database of journal articles, scientific conferences and monographs. It includes a citation index (Citation Index), developed by J. Garfield. The platform has built-in capabilities for searching, analyzing and managing the bibliographic information. Developed and provided by subscription by Clarivate Analytics.


User Guide - Web of Science


The largest database containing annotations and information about the citations of the reviewed scientific literature with built-in bibliometric tools for tracking, analyzing and visualizing the data. The database contains 22794 publications from 5000 international publishers in the field of natural, social sciences and humanities, engineering, medicine and art.


User Guide - Scopus


Information platform of Elsevier publishing house, which provides access to 13 million publications in 2,500 scientific journals and 33 thousand books. The articles are grouped into four main sections: physical and engineering sciences, natural sciences, medical sciences, social and human sciences.


User Guide – ScienceDirect

  Cochrane Library

A collection of databases containing various independent, high-quality surveys and observations created to support experts in the field of medicine and medical research.


User Guide – Cochrane Library

  The consultant of the student of the Medical University

Full-text database including textbooks and manuals, atlases, monographs, lecture courses, workshops. The database contains periodicals, has additional multimedia – video materials, interactive applications.


User Guide – «The consultant of the student»

  The doctor’s consultant

Electronic medical information and education system. The materials placed in the “Doctor's Consultant” were developed by leading Russianexperts on the basis of modern scientific knowledge (evidence-based medicine). The information was prepared taking into account the position of the scientific and practical medical society (world’s society, European and Russian societies) in the relevant specialty. All materials have passed the mandatory independent review.


User Guide – «The doctor’s consultant»

  Electronic library «Epigraph»

The first full-text database developed by Kazakhstani specialists. The electronic library is a collection of 1000 titles of textbooks and manuals on medicine and related sciences for higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Textbooks and tutorials are presented in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. Books contain color illustrations of the material under study.


User Guide – «Epigraph»

  Portal of multimedia textbooks "Epigraph"

A multimedia textbook is a set of software solutions that allows students to demonstrate, in addition to the text, educational multimedia material that also contains interactive blocks of knowledge testing.


User Guide: https://mbook.kz/ru/user_manual/

Цифровая библиотека «Aknurpress»

The digital library «AKNURPRESS» has a high-quality approach to the selection of literature for the educational process contains more than 1000 titles of textbooks and manuals for higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which correspond to academic disciplines. The textbooks and teaching materials are presented in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.




Electronic library system that contains books on medical topics: electronic versions of high-quality primary sources from leading publishers from around the world.


User Guide -BookUP

  «Lan» ELS

The largest polythematic database, which includes the content of hundreds of publishing houses of scientific and educational literature, as well as scientific periodicals. The electronic library system of the “Lan”publishing house allows not only reading, but also copying or printing excerpts from books.


User’s manual – ELS «Lan»

  Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library

A unified database that combines the electronic resources of the universities in Kazakhstan to provide faculty members, teachers, students of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies with modern informational educational resources.


Open access databases

  Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU

The largest Russian information and analytical portal in the field of science, technology, medicine and education, containing abstracts and full texts of more than 34 million scientific publications and patents, including electronic versions of more than 5,600 Russian scientific and technical journals, of which more than 4,800 journals are in open access.



A project in the field of mass online education, developed by Stanford University computer science professors.



Online lectures by the world's leading experts in biomedical and natural sciences.

  Journal of Clinical Medicine of Kazakhstan

Multidisciplinary international peer-reviewed medical journal. The main topic is the publication of research materials in the field of biomedical science and practice, medical education and healthcare.


  AACR (American Association for Cancer Research)

Full-text database of medical journals. Articles in AACR journals are available for free access 12 months after publication.


  BMJ Best Practice

International guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in each section.


  BMJ Open

An open-access online journal dedicated to medical research in all disciplines and therapeutic areas.



The database is part of Springer Nature and includes about 300 peer-reviewed journals sharing the discoveries of research communities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and medicine.


  Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC)

An open scientific platform that provides access to a worldwide collection of scientific publications and preprints from reliable sources around the world.



Database of full-text versions of medical textbooks.


  Free Medical Journals

Database of full-text versions of medical journals.



An information resource for doctors and other healthcare professionals.



Abstract database on biomedical topics. PubMed contains more than 32 million links to biomedical literature from MEDLINE, scientific journals and online books.


  Trip Medical Database

A clinical search engine for evidence-based medicine.