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Student Support Team

Student Support Team is a student self-government body to assist students in adapting to the educational process at the university, in matters of health protection, protection of rights, leisure activities, access to useful information, implementation of sustainable development directions.


- The main purpose of the SST is to improve the quality of the educational process and support student initiatives in the field of educational and educational process at the University.

- Participation in the implementation of the current policy of equality, diversity and inclusion. Improving the prevention of unlawful actions among the university students;

- Participation in the organization and improvement of the educational process at the University, in the formation of ethical culture, the environment of creativity and mutual assistance in student collectives (dormitories);

- Communication with other youth organizations of the city, region, republic


- Organization of high-quality, affordable and effective assistance to university students in solving problems that arise in the learning process.

- Organization of comprehensive legal and other necessary support to students in cases of violation of their rights, legitimate interests and freedoms in accordance with generally recognized principles and norms of international human rights law.

- Participation in the social and legal protection of university students.

Regulations of the Student Support Team

Composition of the Student Support Team