Karaganda Medical University
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School of Medicine
Structure of dean’s office

The dean's office of the School of Medicine has:

Gazalieva Meruert Arstanovna - Acting Dean of the School of Medicine, MD, Professor, Doctor of the highest category

Email address: Gazalieva@qmu.kz

Internal phone number: 1211

Polyakova Elena Olegovna - Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Master of Medicine, Doctor of the first category

Email address: Polyakova@qmu.kz

Internal phone number: 1740

Abdikalikova Darina Rizabekovna - Associate Dean for Social Work, Master of Science

Email address: Abdikalikova@qmu.kz

Internal phone number: 1741

Abdina Gulim Toleugazievna - specialist, Master of Pedagogical Sciences. Supervises students of the 1st course.

Email address: Abdina@qmu.kz

Internal phone number: 1451

Kuanbaeva Mahabbat Tursynovna - specialist. Charge of the 2nd year students.

Email address:Kuanbaeva@qmu.kz

Internal phone number: 1667

Abdogalieva Farida Oralhanovna -  specialist. Supervises 3rd year students.

Email address: Abdogalieva@kgmu.kz

Internal phone number: 1504

Nupbaeva Zhanel Seisenbaevna - specialist. Supervises 4th year students.

Email address: Nupbaeva@qmu.kz

Internal phone number: 1274

Begimbetova Raushan Kenzhebekovna - specialist. Supervises students of the 5th course.

Email address: Begimbetova@qmu.kz

Internal phone number: 1448

Kusainova Akerke Kayrbekovna - specialist. Supervises students of 6,7 courses.

Email address: kusainova_a@qmu.kz

Internal phone number: 1214

Musaeva Zhazira Kozhabaevna - specialist. Supervises the field of employment of graduates.

Email address: MusaevaZ@qmu.kz

Internal phone number: 1272