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Diagnosis and prevention of diabetes.

Diagnosis and prevention of diabetes.

21 November 2018

On November 14, the activists of the Kazakhstan Medical Youth Organization - KazMSA, the participants of the SCOPH (Public Health Committee) Committee of the Karaganda State Medical University, held a major event in one of the largest trading houses in Karaganda.

As part of this event, residents of Karaganda were able to undergo preventive examinations and receive recommendations from students of the Karaganda Medical University about diabetes.

For Kazakhstan, the problem of diabetes is very relevant. In the beginning of 2017, more than 309 thousand patients were registered with diabetes in the country. In addition, statistics show that every third person who has this disease is not aware of his diagnosis.

In order to raise the level of public awareness about diabetes, the event provided an opportunity for everyone to check blood sugar levels, measure blood pressure, and get expert advice. The organizers invited everyone to take this opportunity and take care of their health in time.



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