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World Prematurity Day

World Prematurity Day

23 November 2018

Let's admit that no matter how old we are, when we are scared or hurt, we shout: "Mom!" And this happens completely unconsciously. We call mom, even when she is not around. And this is not surprising, because we all need mother's love and protection. We need our mothers constantly, and not from the day of birth, but long before that. You’d think, where could it be safer than under the mother’s heart? But even there the child can be in danger if one does not  take care not only of the health of the fetus, but also of the health of the mother herself.

The problem of premature babies is considered to be very relevant today. Because, according to statistics, every year  about 15 million children around the world are born prematurely. Moreover, more than a million of them die soon after birth, and many of them are diagnosed with various types of physical and neurological disabilities or have  problems with learning. Such serious problems with children's health should be known to all future fathers and mothers. This is exactly what the students participating in the SCORA Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health of the “KazMSA”  Kazakhstan Medical Student’s Association of the Medical University of Karaganda on November 15, 2018, took up. At the event, students were telling expectant mothers about the danger of preterm birth, the causes of prematurity of children, methods of prevention, and also introduced them to the history of prematurity. However, as future doctors, the students also told about the treatment of such children. In addition, the audience was provided with information on statistics of prematurity. The event is dedicated to the International World Prematurity Day and provided information about all the issues related to this problem at the “Indigo” research and family support center .



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