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Revealed color and originality

Revealed color and originality

05 March 2019

On February 28, the VI annual festival “We are different, we are equal, we are together” within the framework of the implementation of the «Рухани жаңғыру» program and dedicated to the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan was held at the Medical University of Karaganda.

  The organizers of the action are the Youth Affairs Department together with the «Жарасым» students club and the creative associations of the university. The main task of the festival is to promote the cultural heritage of the peoples of the country, strengthen inter-ethnic relations and increase the level of tolerance among students.

  Performances of creative teams of ethno-cultural associations of the region have become a real decoration of the festival. The performances of amateur art groups filled with national color, revealed the entire originality and diversity of the cultural traditions of the peoples of the country.

  At the end of the festival all the winners and participants were awarded  with letters of thanks.

The Youth Affairs Department



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