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Twist from creative men

Twist from creative men

11 March 2019

Festive fireworks of positive emotions, good mood and good wishes were received by women of the Medical University of Karaganda at a concert dedicated to the International Women's Day.

  The participants of the dombra orchestra opened the festive program by playing the melodies of Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly. The participants of the author-poetic club «Жыр Жауһар» demonstrated their creativity by devoting the best poems to beautiful ladies.The soloists of the dance theater “Golden step” pleased the audience with beautiful dance compositions. Participants of the vocal group Maidanov Nurken, Eralieva Dana, Voronchikhina Ulyana and Srazhadinov Maksat performed the songs dedicated to the tender holiday of spring. Each number of the concert prepared by the creative teams of the Youth Affairs Department was professionally made and perfectly performed.

  The audience was very pleased by the performance of the KVN team of teachers consisting of  V.B.Molotov-Luchansky,  S.S.Bobyrev and D.A.Klyuev. Dance warm-up and congratulatory video, in which the most creative men of the university dance the twist, did not leave anyone indifferent in the hall.

The concert program was completed by Tuleev Aidar with the song «Қыз бала-гул».

We would like to congratulate our dear women with the wonderful spring holiday of March 8th and to wish them  success in work and good luck!

  The Youth Affairs Department



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