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Chemistry is a great power!

Chemistry is a great power!

09 April 2019

On April 3, a quiz titled "Young Chemist - 2019" was held at the School of Public Health and Pharmacy.

The organizer of this quiz is the lead of the «Let’s do Chemistry» circle Alimbatyrov Marlan.

The main goal of the quiz is to know chemistry in depth and increase their interest in this discipline. The participants of this quiz were the students of the 1st course of the speciality «TPP».

The quiz consisted of three stages such as "Kahoot time", "Chemist sniper", "Direct questions". The each tour was distinguished by its features and interesting tasks.

The honorary guests of this quiz were the deputy dean of public health and pharmacy Kamarova Aisulu Makashovna and the lecturer of the department of Pharmaceutical disciplines Kopzhasarova Asel Berikovna shared their impressions about the quiz



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