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Аcademic mobility One patient – for one doctor

Аcademic mobility One patient – for one doctor

11 April 2019

We are residents of the specialty "Anesthesiology and resuscitation (including children)" from 17.02.19 to 04.03.19 were trained by academic mobility program in the hospital of  San Paolo at the University of  Milan (Italy).

The residents who  took  part in the program: Kuntuganov Mukan, Namazbayev Ruslan, Frolov Vadim, Tazhikov Daniyar, Amanzholov Talgat, Kuatov Abylay, Sabiryanov Renat and Shayzadin Kuanysh.

Our program implied training for two weeks in intensive care unit and an operation block. In order to know as much of the new information as possible in such a short period of time, we rotated  between the relevant departments, this helped us to get the details of the work of each unit, as well as understand the difference.

Our working time began from 07:30 – when the morning medical conference begins where each clinical case was analyzed in detail, decisions were made on the further tactics of patient management. Immediately after the conference and before midday, residents together with doctors conducted the necessary instrumental and laboratory tests. It is noteworthy that such manipulations as: bronchoscopy, ultrasound of the lungs, ultrasound of the diaphragm, and much more that’s all are carried out independently by residents in Italy.

A distinctive feature of the intensive care unit of the hospital of San Paolo is their specialization in such pathologies as ARDS-syndrome. The hospital is often the source and participant of the produced guides and clinical guidelines in the fight against this problem.

The schedule and workload in the hospital are arranged very comfortably for the work of doctors: they work in three shifts, and there is one patient for each doctor, and this is also assisted by a trained resident. We consider this practice very useful, it helps to provide more attentive and high-quality medical care, and also protects doctors from professional burnout.

Over the next week of practice in the operating block, our Italian colleagues once again managed to surprise us. The block includes 10 operating rooms delimited from the main premises by automatic doors. Each operating room in abundance has all the necessary tools and consumables which may be needed both to prepare the patient for the operation and during the operation itself. For the work of doctors, including anesthesiologists, hospital offers modern German and American equipment via of mechanical ventilator stations, video laryngoscopes, laparoscopic racks with 3D imaging mode, TOF technology and much more.

For each of the residents it was a very high-quality and unforgettable experience, the experience of a different organization of work of medical personnel, the experience of the correct distribution of mental and physical strength of a doctor, a look at the fact that the doctor should not think about the number and availability of drugs and other tools of medical work in the hospital, he should only apply them correctly to a specific patient.



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