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Discussed issues of diagnosis and treatment of infection

Discussed issues of diagnosis and treatment of infection

15 April 2019

On April 5, 2019, on the basis of the Department of Public Health of Karaganda Region, teachers of the Department of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases of the discipline "Infectious Diseases" held a seminar on the topic: "Issues of diagnosis and treatment of EDI, meningococcal infection in clinical practice". The choice of topic is determined by the relevance of the problem. In terms of training medical workers in the field of infectious diseases and their prevention, standard definitions of cases of especially dangerous infections (anthrax, plague, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, botulism) and their use in clinical practice in adult patients were considered.

Knyazeva I.A, Chief Specialist of the "State Administration of Healthcare of Karaganda Region" made a welcoming speech. The infectious disease doctors of "Polyclinic №1", "Polyclinic №3", "Polyclinic №5" of Karaganda; epidemiologists of LLP Hippocrates "Polyclinic №2", "Regional Children's Clinical Hospital", LLP Regional Obstetric and Gynecological Center, Central Hospital of Satpayev, Central Hospital of Abay, Central Regional Hospital of Karkaraly region; physicians-gynecologists "Polyclinic №5", surgeons and general practitioners Central Hospital of Temirtau, Central Hospital of Shakhtinsk, Central Hospital of Saran, general practitioners of "Regional Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after Professor H.Zh. Makazhanov", City Hospital №1, Central Regional Hospital of Zhanaarka, Central Regional Hospital of Osakarovka, pediatricians of Children's Hospital of Karaganda, also as infectious disease physicians LLP City Center for Primary Health Care, "Polyclinic №1" and Central Hospital of Balkhash.

Professor Kim A.A. emphasized attention of participants of the seminar on the problem of meningococcal infection, described the issues of diagnostic, preventive and anti-epidemic measures of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. Listeners were impressed by her manner of presentation of the material – simply, accessible, at ease, which immediately placed the audience. Professor Y.G. Starikov reported on the characteristics of measles in children at the present stage (the situation in the world, Kazakhstan and Karaganda region). Doctor PhD Zhunussov E.S. paid attention to the issues of especially dangerous infections, namely he opened the topic of differential diagnosis of anthrax on the example of the 2016 outbreak in Karaganda region. Doctor PhD Sarsekeyeva N.Ye. reported to the clinic and diagnostic features of plague, and expressed the idea about the importance of management alert scheme for an especially dangerous infection and emergency prevention measures in the outbreak. 

The problem of EDI, meningococcal infection caused a great interest because many questions were asked by audience and the discussion was sparked. The teachers of the department  willingly answered all questions, provided clinical examples from practice and gave recommendations.

The listeners expressed their gratitude to the teachers of the department for the providing practically relevant information.



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