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New generation gastroenterologists.

New generation gastroenterologists.

16 April 2019

We residents of the first year of study of the specialty “Gastroenterology, including children’s” Kaisina Alia and Samoilova Nadezhda within the framework of academic mobility for 2 weeks were trained in the National Health Insurance Clinic Ilsan, Goyang city, Republic of Korea. During the studying we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the organization of the gastroenterological service in South Korea, participated in morning conferences, medical morning rounds with professors, outpatient, clinical examinations, observed endoscopic examinations and various endoscopic operations, worked out the skills of EGD. A distinctive feature of the work of a gastroenterologist is not only the management of inpatient and outpatient patients but also endoscopy, endoscopic operations, endoscopic US and ERCP.

Thereby continuity is observed at several stages when one patient with a pathology of the gastrointestinal tract is observed, examined and receives treatment including surgery from one doctor. The type of procedures performed depends on the orientation of a specialist. Doctors are engaged in all practical activities within the same building which saves time. Our training and accordingly the work of clinical professors took place in a polyclinic, inpatient gastroenterology department, endoscopy and radiology department. The productivity of doctors is very high: a gastroenterologist can perform up to 50 procedures in one working day at outpatient admission. Also in the clinic Ilsan doctor's status is very high and every medical professor is a highly qualified professional which is also accompanied by respectful attitude on the part of patients.

During training we have gained invaluable experience that will help us as doctors of a new generation to start gastroenterological practice including endoscopy in Kazakhstan according to European standards of medical care which has shown excellent results for many years. We would also like to note the excellent reception from the Ilsan National Health Insurance Clinic, their sincere hospitality and a wonderful attitude from the administration and doctors.



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