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New competencies for nursing

New competencies for nursing

17 April 2019

On April 10-11, at the nursing school of Karaganda Medical University, within the framework of the visit of Natalia Fatkulina, Director of the Institute of Health Sciences of Vilnius University, a round table was held with representatives of the practical health care of Karaganda region and medical colleges on: “Responsibilities of nurses after graduation college, applied bachelor, academic bachelor, magistracy, doctoral studies”, “Management in nursing”. Natalia Fatkulina introduced the educational programs "Nursing" and "Extended Nursing Practice" in Lithuania and Europe according to European directives.

On April 11, the participants of the round table examined the potential of nursing and the modern standards of the training specialists  in this profile. There was a “lively” discussion on the issues of competence and disciplines educational programs of the specialty “Nursing”. The discussion was attended by representatives of practical public health, the dean’s of nursing education school, the departments faculty members of Karaganda Medical University, masters the specialty "Nursing" and representatives colleges of the Karaganda region. An initial plan was developed for the introduction of new competencies at various levels of educational programs “Nursing”, received offers to expand the practical activities of nurses.

In the discussion of issues took part: S.V. Chernenko - the main nurse of the city hospital №1, Shagarova OD - Chief nurse of the RChCH, Arystanov R.U. - Chief nurse of polyclinic № 1, Serednyakova N.V. - Head nurse of the MUC, Satenova G.Sh. - Chief nurse CDH, Zhadrina KS - organizer of nursing care of polyclinic № 5 in Karaganda, Nurbekov A.N. - Director of the Medical Intercollage of Karaganda, Estemesova KA – Dean of the School of Nursing Education the Karaganda Medical University, Kyzylbaeva B.K. - Deputy Director of the Temirtau Medical College, Gusmanova A.S.- the department manager of the medical college of Zhezkazagan, teachers of the departments of the Karaganda  Medical University, masters, doctoral students and others.

Deputy Dean of the School of Nursing Education the Karaganda Medical University Ongarbaeva A.I.



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