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Problematic compliance

Problematic compliance

24 April 2019

Nowadays, the low level of a patient adherence to treatment is an urgent problem all over the world. It's no secret that the most of patients do not follow the doctor's recommendations for treatment, lifestyle, prevention. In modern medical practice, the term "Compliance"is increasingly used.

WHO defines "compliance" as "the degree of accordance of patient's behavior with regard to the use of a medicine, the implementation of dietary or lifestyle recommendations as prescribed by a physician". The problem of compliance is very acute (according to domestic and foreign sources) and compliance behavior in various diseases is from 20 to 57%. For example, adherence to therapy for diabetes mellitus is 53.3% maximum, in the gender aspect, men are more compliant (57.1%). Lower compliance is in cardiovascular diseases. Some exceptions are HIV-infected and arthritis patients: in these groups, the level of compliance reaches 88 and 81%, respectively.

Currently, the world standard requires doctors to achieve high compliance. In this regard, innovations are introduced in the field of health care of Kazakhstan every year, and new disciplines, such as "Patient-centered approach", have been introduced in medical universities of Kazakhstan, the purpose of which is to train future doctors to achieve high-quality trust  worthy relationship with the patient.

We are interns of 6-077 group, studying in the direction of "General medical practice", started a new subject from an unusual side, acting as doctors, as patients, relatives of patients. That was not easy for us.

Only after mastering the theoretical aspects, improving and consolidating knowledge, solving situational problems, role-playing "doctor-patient"games, offering our position, we felt this responsibility. Later, we had possibility to work with patients in the "Military hospital of Karaganda». Together with the assistants of the Department of Medical Psychology and Communication Skills  we conducted a training seminar for patients called "Osteochondrosis - the problem of humanity", which is important for patients of this medical institution, because young men – officers often suffer from this pathology (physical activity, standards)because of their profession.

Firstly, we, the students, presented General information about osteochondrosis, modern methods of its treatment, and then together with the patients conducted a set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back. Patients showed great interest and asked questions. Military people are laconic, however, they expressed gratitude for the attention paid to them. It's nice to know that there are people who worry about them!

We are very happy to be able to learn from experienced University mentors, to gain invaluable experience in communication with the patient! We believe that the doctor should be able to treat not only somatic diseases, but also must necessarily understand the mental state, psychological characteristics of the patient.  Maybe in this situation, patients  will be 100% ready to implement the recommendations of a doctor!

Author: Interns of the 6-077 group:  Abdrakhmanova S.Z.

  Kurmangazy G.K.

  Makhaeva Z. T.




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