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Visiting veterans at home

Visiting veterans at home

08 May 2019

May 8, 2019 on the eve of Victory Day celebrations, instructors of the center of practical skills, along with students of the 3rd course of general medicine, visited the veterans of the Great Patriotic War –Tiyshbek Muksima, born in 1936, Tatyana Pastukhova, 1927,

Addressing the veterans with warm and sincere words of congratulations, the trainer and students on behalf of the university team cordially congratulated the veterans on the upcoming holiday, giving them gifts and wished them good health, happiness, well-being, long life, vivacity and consistently good mood. Veterans were happy to meet and shared their memories with students and coaches. In a warm setting, the veterans remembered their glorious, battle way and expressed heartfelt thanks for the special attention and memory for their feat.



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