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The end of the summer language school

The end of the summer language school

10 June 2019

From 27th  of May till 7th  of June, 2019 Foreign Languages Department held the summer thematic language school “English every day” for the purpose of implementation of the Work Flow Chart devoted to the development of trilingual education in 2015-2020 in KMU. This school program was aimed at developing students' communication skills on such topics, as: “People and relationships”, “Science and technology”, “Art”. etc.

By learning the lexical themes, the great attention was also paid to the development of skills of foreign oral speech recognition, enrichment of vocabulary and correct use of set expressions. The associate professor of modern literature and the  English language department of Barcelona University (Spain), the vice-president of EUROSLA Roger Gilabert took part in summer language school giving some fascinating classes for its students. The classes were given using active teaching methods and computer training programs.



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