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Studied in the city of exotic temples

Studied in the city of exotic temples

21 June 2019

Master's students of the first year of study of the specialty "Public health" Ukubayev Temirlan  and Duisenbiyeva Luiza  from February to June 2019 were trained in the academic mobility program at the Hanoi medical University.

Hanoi Medical University is one of the oldest universities in Vietnam which is located in the capital city of Hanoi.

Platform that is taught and practiced masters of public health “OneHealthNetworkSouthEastAsia - SEAOHUN” is the ComAcross project and LACANET. “OneHealth” is defined as a collaborative, multisectoral and interdisciplinary approach – working at the local, regional, national and global levels. The goal is to achieve optimal health outcomes that recognize the relationship between humans, animals, plants and their environment.

The training was conducted in English. A total of 5 cycles on the platform "OneHealth", such as: "Health Policy and Management", "Global Health", "public Health Ethics", "Health Promotion and Education" and "Population and Health"were passed for the entire academic period. The training program included lectures and practical classes which were conducted under the guidance of the local teaching staff and foreign professors. Each cycle had its own specific teaching methodology, which is emphasized in the work in groups.

Hanoi - a city of exotic temples and pagodas, elegant colonial villas, noisy narrow streets and wide boulevards, quiet surrounded by beautiful greenery, lakes.  Hanoi medical University has met us friendly. We liked the team of professors and teachers for their competent approach to the case and the solution of the issues that arose during the course.

The atmosphere of cooperation of collective with each student reigns, support and attention is felt, all conditions are createdfor living at the dormitory.

The knowledge gained at the medical University of Hanoi, will give us the opportunity to implement them in the future for the benefit of study and practice.

Ukubayev Temirlan and Duisenbiyeva Luiza, Master's students of the specialty «Public health».



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